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Woodbar French Doors Collection

1310 10-Lite Woodbar Interior French Door

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The 13010 10-Lite French Woodbar Doors offer a true-divided lite French door. Contemporary or traditional, the 10-Lite is a style for your home. As an 8’0″ tall door, 1310 10-Lite adds a Lite to make it a 12-Lite French Door. The 13010 10-Lite Woodbar French Interior Door has several stock SKUs in clear glass but is mainly offered is a non-stock item and is built to order. Please contact us for lead times upon purchase.

Available Sizes

Heights Widths
6'8" 2'0", 2'2", 2'4", 2'6", 2'8", 3'0"
8'0" 2'4", 2'6", 2'8", 3'0"

Custom sizes are available. Contact us for more details.

Glass Options

Select from the dropdown a different style option. Click or tap an image for a closer look.


Interior Hinge - US15 Plain
US15 Plain
Interior Hinge - US10B Plain
US10B Plain
Interior Hinge - US1D Plain
US1D Plain
Interior Hinge - US3 Plain
US3 Plain
Interior Hinge - US26D Plain
US26D Plain
Interior Hinge - US15 Ball Bearing
US15 Ball Bearing
Interior Hinge - US1D Ball Bearing
US1D Ball Bearing
Interior Hinge - US26D Ball Bearing
US26D Ball Bearing


Jamb Widths 4-9/16″ – 7-1/4″

Primed Double Rabbet PFJ
Double Rabbet PFJ
Primed Combo Jamb
Primed Combo Jamb
Hemlock Double Rabbet Jamb
Hemlock Double Rabbet Jamb
Hemlock Comb Jamb
Hemlock Combo Jamb

Astragals – INTERIOR

Primed Finger Joint Astragal
Primed Finger Joint Astragal
Hemlock Astragal
Hemlock Astragal