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About Us:

Ziegler Lumber Company was established in 1965 by Vern Ziegler. Vern had spent the first thirteen years of his working career as a general contractor, building over 200 homes in the Inland Northwest, primarily in Spokane.

He pioneered the do-it-yourself concept with his first store at 4110 N. Market Street in Spokane, using his experience in residential construction to advise customers on how to do their projects.

Vern’s goal at that time was the same as it is today – to offer the customer the highest quality merchandise at contractor prices, along with excellent service and good advice for the homeowner to do his own projects. Having been called “Ziggy” much of his life, Vern’s company soon became well known as “Ziggy’s.”

Today, Ziggy’s is the home improvement price and service leader in the Inland Northwest.

Hours of Operation:

M-Sat 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

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