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About Us:

By all accounts, you would be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful place than the rain-drenched forests of Southern Oregon. But then, we’re hardly objective. We’ve called this verdant corner of the Pacific Northwest home for decades. In fact, we grew up here—playing, camping and rafting our way from one side of these woods to the other. So, not surprisingly, we’ve developed an undeniable appreciation for the land itself. And for the caliber of hand-crafted doors we’re able to produce when the planet’s finest natural resources are paired with the world’s best craftsmen.

In fact, it’s that unique union which has allowed us to become the largest manufacturer of wood doors in the United States. Each and every piece we produce is made right here. What’s more, because we live, work and play in the same forests that provide for our livelihood, we’re equally passionate about adhering to strict, sustainable, green harvesting practices. All so that both these forests and our company will be around for our grandkids to enjoy. Just like we do.

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