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About Us:

As a premier dealer in Washington state, we specialize in windows and doors to fit your every design need. We provide a wide variety of different products from contemporary to traditional, each with a vast array of options. Our experienced staff provides expertise, professionalism and knowledge that will guide you through the seemingly endless choices. From colors, to wood species, to thermal coatings, even sound control, we enjoy guiding you through the process to buy what you need, and not what you don’t.

Start to Finish
We are equipped to handle all that is necessary in supplying homeowners, builders, and architects the windows and doors they need, both exterior and interior, for their homes or projects. From plans take offs, code compliancy checks, showroom meetings, job site verification, delivery and even service, we have the skills, attention to detail, and flexibility that is needed to fit your process and provide and accurate order. Should you need installation services, we can provide both manufacturer installation instructions, as well as Contractors in the area that we work with.

In House Service
At PSWW we have our own in house service technician that can diagnose and repair the issue in as timely and low impact of a way as possible. Our goal is to keep your project moving, so you can enjoy the new home you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Hours of Operation:

M-F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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CODEL Display Doors:

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