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Plantation Louver Doors Collection

8730BF Plantation Louver/Louver Bifold Door

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The Primed Plantation Louver bifold door is not your traditional louver door. Our oversized 3-1/4″ louver slat increases ventilation and promotes airflow between rooms while providing the strength and stability of true stile and rail construction. Our Primed Plantation Louver bifold door allows for increased privacy while maintaining all of the conventional benefits of a venting louver door.

Available Sizes

Heights Widths
6'8" 2'0", 2'6", 3'0"


Interior Hinge - US15 Plain
US15 Plain
Interior Hinge - US10B Plain
US10B Plain
Interior Hinge - US1D Plain
US1D Plain
Interior Hinge - US3 Plain
US3 Plain
Interior Hinge - US26D Plain
US26D Plain
Interior Hinge - US15 Ball Bearing
US15 Ball Bearing
Interior Hinge - US1D Ball Bearing
US1D Ball Bearing
Interior Hinge - US26D Ball Bearing
US26D Ball Bearing