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Fir Shaker Doors Collection

8444 4-Equal Panel Fir Shaker Interior Door

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The 4-Panel Equal Fir Shaker Interior Doors are made with Pacific Northwest Douglas Fir. We hand select vertical grain douglas fir, the highest quality fir available. The 4-Panel door offers clean lines and complements many home styles and is often found in northwest contemporary homes. This is offered only as a non-stock and is made to order. We offer custom sizes should you need a unique size.

Custom sizes are available. Contact us for more details.


Interior Hinge - US15 Plain
US15 Plain
Interior Hinge - US10B Plain
US10B Plain
Interior Hinge - US1D Plain
US1D Plain
Interior Hinge - US3 Plain
US3 Plain
Interior Hinge - US26D Plain
US26D Plain
Interior Hinge - US15 Ball Bearing
US15 Ball Bearing
Interior Hinge - US1D Ball Bearing
US1D Ball Bearing
Interior Hinge - US26D Ball Bearing
US26D Ball Bearing


Jamb Widths 4-9/16″ – 7-1/4″

Primed Double Rabbet PFJ
Double Rabbet PFJ
Primed Combo Jamb
Primed Combo Jamb
Hemlock Double Rabbet Jamb
Hemlock Double Rabbet Jamb
Hemlock Comb Jamb
Hemlock Combo Jamb

Astragals – INTERIOR

Primed Finger Joint Astragal
Primed Finger Joint Astragal
Hemlock Astragal
Hemlock Astragal