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Barn Doors Collection

8402BK 2-Panel Knotty Alder K-Bar Barn Door

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Our K-Bar rustic style barn doors provide the same stile and rail construction as our shaker doors, but as an oversized barn door. Our barn doors arrive with a routed groove to complement our barn door track. Select one of our barn door track and hardware to complement your barn door.

Available Sizes

Heights Widths
7'0" 3'6"

Barn Door Track

Rustic J-Strap or Contemporary Top Mount. Available in 84″ or 96″ widths.


Rustic Matte Black
Rustic Stainless Steel
Contemporary Matte Black
Contemporary Stainless Steel


Barn Door Hardware

Rustic Pulls or Contemporary Handles. Stainless steel contemporary handles available in 8″, 12″, 16″, 24″, 36″ and 60″. Matte black comtemporary handles available in 24″ and 60″.

Rustic Matte Black Pull
Rustic Stainless Steel Pull
Rustic Matte Black Handle
Rustic Stainless Steel Handle
Contemporary Matte Black Pulls
Contemporary Stainless Steel Pulls

Barn Door Accessories

Soft Closing Hardware and Bypass Hardware

Soft Close Matte Black
Soft Close Grey
Bypass Hardware Matte Black
Bypass Hardware Stainless Steel